"QR coder" and simply follow your property

Finally a simple and rational mobile solution for
track all the goods and equipment of my structure

Your profits

Have a clear and synthetic vision of all my properties on all my sites

Save time and make
a breeze from the painful
annual physical inventory

Trace the precise history of
every equipment since the acquisition until the discarded

Increase the service life
of your belongings by a better
monitoring and maintenance

The advantages of the Verifgood solution

Publish valued inventory lists taking into account accounting depreciation.
Simply manage the identity cards of your property (value, date of commissioning, guaranteed, photos...).
No specific hardware to buy use your Android smartphone or tablet or ios.
Mobile web solution nothing to install any computer deployment to do.

How does it work


Census of your places through a spatial tree
From your plans you precisely define all the places of your organization


Categorization of goods
Create and illustrate your equipment categories, enter once
information related to the category (photos, brand value, supplier...)


Register mobile properties with your smartphone

Who counts at You

Solution N°1

- You even the tool is very simple to use we assist you and bring you all the assistance needed from a distance

- We provide you the labels to paste pre-printed

Solution N°2

You want to delegate the initial census, we do it for you at home
at a simple transparent and advantageous rate (decreasing rate per listed equipment)

They use Verifgood

Customer service is exceptional and the system extremely friendly...

Jérome "Responsable Maintenance" - Hôtel Créolia

They use Verifgood


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