Maintening your business

has never been

so simple

Finally a simple maintenance management application that is affordable and easy to use.
Increase the life span
of material resources

Your premises and equipment will last longer when serviced periodically and kept in good condition.

Centralise your data and technical documents

Information and documents regarding the premises and equipment (external maintenance request forms, service provider invoices, contracts, history ...) are dematerialised and able to be shared between your various services

Reduce the costs of your
maintenance contracts

The internal integration of certain external verification tasks allows you to optimise your outsourced services.

Save time

Make your employees' work easier through better internal communication of technical issues.

Streamline the management of Regulatory Audits

Setting up simple and rigorous monitoring
of your electronic regulatory verification plan of the equipment and premises 
reduces stress.

Our mission

Reduce stress of maintenance teams
Help prevent claims in public institutions
Preserve the environment by increasing the life expectancy of material resources

How does it work ?

Manage and trace the requests and the timestamped monitoring of resolving technical issues

You equip your staff with the tool that will allow them to easily complete this task

Implement, monitor and trace a preventative maintenance plan

You equip your maintenance team with a simple and rational tool that will enable them to implement this plan

Simply create identity cards and checklists of your premises and technical equipment
(technical information, status, photos ...) 

You monitor and trace the life of your material resources from commissioning to scrapping

Define and rationalize maintaining your equipment and premises
Real time notifications

Information regarding maintenance and service is sent to your computer and mobile phone

As well as periodic maintenance summary via

Vous recevez par mail à la fréquence de votre choix un point synthétique sur l'activité, les vérifications et la maintenance.

Mobile coaching of operators

As part of the maintenance plan operators have a synthetic and localised vision of what needs to be done and the progression of the tasks with deadlines

For whom in your establishment ?

Monitors your activity and operates data, statistics and reports.
The maintenance team
Manages and monitors mobility, real-time maintenance record requests, periodic checks.
ll employees
Create intervention requests
  monitor resolutions of
technical issues without
being interrupted (fewer internal calls).

How is Verifgood implemented ?

The deployment of the tool is done in 2 operational stages :
Stage A
One day on average


Census of premises

Send us your evacuation plans, we can do it for you

The tool is ready to be used as part of the curative maintenance
Stage B 
One day for 200 pieces of equipment
Definition of the preventive maintenance plan

We can provide models for you

Register and mark your equipment

We provide you with QRCODE tags

The tool is ready to be used as part of preventive maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

What technical prerequisites are required to use Verifgood in your establishment ?

No specific infrastructure is needed. Access to Verifgood is through the web by wifi or 3G / 4G from mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) or desktop (Mac or PC).

Are the QRCODE tags long lasting ?

The standard labels delivered are specially designed to resist UV and detergents. They are discreet and especially resistant to peeling.

Is a tablet more practical than a smartphone ?

Smartphones are easier to carry on a daily basis, but 7-inch tablets have a larger reading surface. In the case of a smartphone, opt for a model of 5 inches or more.

Is the Verifgood solution suitable for a small technical team (less than 3 people) ?

Yes, the solution is perfectly suitable for small teams of just 1 technician or more. Pricing can be adapted to the number of users.

Is the Verifgood solution suitable for subcontracted remedial or preventive maintenance ?

Yes, because it includes management of contracts and external verification tasks. In the case of remedial maintenance, the external company can be solicited by mail directly from the maintenance sheet. In-house staff who sign the intervention voucher can directly integrate the document (scanned or photographed) into the maintenance sheet and change its status (from in progress to closed).


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