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Technical services :
simplify the management of the follow-up of your
buildings and your equipment


best respect the
regulatory obligations


Increase the life of your
buildings and your equipment


Refine anticipation
your department's budget


Prevent and anticipate
accident risks

Deliver better service to
administered and increase
their level of satisfaction

Your technical data: built heritage/equipment/technical contracts are stored in a database that is easily accessible and shared through a web/mobile application.


Document management: You attach documents (plans, photos, information sheets, decrees, etc.) directly to buildings and equipment.

Identify, locate and “qrcode” technical equipment on the move.

You simply schedule visits and periodic maintenance tasks for installations and equipment.


Centralize and share all information related to the past and future interventions of technical service providers.

Automatically trace technical events related to installations and equipment: visits, interviews, corrective maintenance, reports from external stakeholders, etc.


Verifgood's strengths

Very simple to use

Mobile web application, an email address and a password are enough to connect from anywhere. We worked a lot on ease of use, no training required. An online knowledge base helps you get started in no time.


Very quick to deploy

We integrate your sites and equipment for you on the basis of the national census accessible to all. You can complete the inventory of other equipment and accessories yourself, we provide you with pre-printed labels with unique qrcodes.


Very mobility oriented

All current operations can be entered directly on site while on the move:
• Validation of visits and writing of reports
• Creation of maintenance sheets
• Documentation, change of status, closure of files, request for quotes, etc.
• Identification of new equipment
• Consultation of the history of events


Financially accessible

• A very fast return on investment.
• Less than one euro per user/month.


Other app features


Stock management of consumables and spare parts

For sites with buildings, you can describe the different spaces from the intervention plans, unique QR code labels can be edited and pasted to designate each space

Management of building components to better qualify intervention requests

Management of trades associated with corrective maintenance sheets

Management of external service providers and maintenance and verification contracts through a provisional intervention schedule with email notification features

Monitoring dashboards

Notion of scope of use based on sites and services for users

Several predefined levels of use for each user (requester, admin technical agent, etc.)


Fluid meter reading (water, electricity, etc.)

Interoperability with other business solutions possible thanks to Verifgood's application programming interface (API)

Integration of BIM spatial data possible thanks to a dedicated import interface

They use our solution

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